A mere warning:

Blood, taboo, gore, tragedy, nihilism, pessimism, some romance, some horror, some violence, some drug use, a lot of death.

Imagination can destroy enemies. Imagination can awaken sleepers. What is found in this blog is meant to amuse you and disturb you; amuse you on the surface, disturb you in depth. If the reader wants to look on the whole and move on, s/he can do so. If the reader wants to ponder the details s/he will find more than just words: an inter-tangled sewage system runs beneath them, mainly exposing the general economy which we have steadily cut out in our prohibitive world. Waxing philosophical at times, glossed with metaphors, the writings here do not necessarily correspond to each other in a unilateral way; there is no one thread that can weave them all together. Instead, as in a library in which books are aligned across rows and rows of metal shelves, creating a labyrinth of texts, these texts also create a labyrinth. A labyrinth is a multiplicity of routes which tangle into one another so that not even a point of transcendence can find a way out. If you do find a thread, rest assured, it is only part of Penelope’s web, which, for over twenty years, she never could or wanted to finish. Non Serviam [I Will Not Serve] is the ominous sanctity of constant deferral: not of life (postponement of an end is the deferral of consequences, a servile attitude mistaking time as a tool belonging to homo sapiens, when in truth, it is the opposite: homo sapiens are tools of time, in the sense that time gives neither matter nor mind, gives nihil to the conspiracies of mankind) a deferral of meaning, of a centre which is not a centre: the constant revolution of an open mind, opening wider still, connecting, refuting, deciding, changing. With tears, sweat, piss and blood, this blog muses on the language of death, laughter, madness, intoxication, sex and the welcomed pain caused by them, unleashing a flux of communication. Last of all, these texts are not representations (extreme simplifications) but expressions (virulent inner compulsions).

Enjoy it if you can.


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