Goya The Great Goat

Things that unfold, overflow, in excess. Promethean cigarettes dumped in a water bottle, filters breaking apart, loosening. Tobacco-ink staining water brown. Ink in water. The summit of chaos. Menstrual pulsations and the vibrations of female hysteria. Flood of a river produces civilizations and conspiracy theorists and their discontents. Looted scooters in impoverished cities delivering priceless gifts. Tall buildings like phallic shrines honouring the Omniphallus explode over oil reserves coating the sea, black algae. Desert and humidity, sweat from breathing pores. Humility. War; the signature expenditure of humanity. Sodomy and lust, the French revolution. Erasure of perspectives, labyrinths of consciousness piled over each other in parchment and paper. History. Michael Jackson, beyond death. Water among water through water. The universe, the rays of the blind black sun, the blindness of non-knowledge; the summit of annihilation. Plato’s nemesis; the philosopher king loses his way, happily and the republic expends itself in an orgy of sodomy, death, destruction and sacrifice, Indian fire-dancing around the horns of Satan. The vanishing insignificance of moral tales. Empty prayers at dusk and dawn. Vomit and laughter on academic books and the hypo-crises of common man’s Freudianism. Diamonds in a dream sublimated as wasteful faeces; the eye under the solar anus of the Sun.

dali spellbound hitchcock


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