Shakespeare’s Imagined Orient

An International Conference
(May 4 -6 2011)

The American University of Beirut is hosting a three-day conference on Shakespeare’s Imagined Orient on 4-6 May 2011. Speakers include Jonathan Burton (West Virginia University), Jerry Brotton (Queen Mary, University of London), Jonathan Gil Harris (George Washington University), Gerald Maclean (University of Exeter), Margaret Litvin (Boston University), and Daniel Vitkus (Florida State University).

The three day conference will also include a student panel consisting of Sarah El-Cheikh Ali, Eman El Ahmar, and Myself (Ziad Dallal). The student panel will be held on Thursday, May 5, at 2 PM. Come be dazzled by English literary criticism and finally understand why and how Shakespeare is a literary genius.

This is an excellent chance for cultural refinement and intellectual stimulation after a year of relentless business courses, zombie biology lab sessions, and cement-laden engineering classes. Skip your classes and attend this mind blowing conference.

ShakesConfPoster new2

Shakespeare studies has recently experienced a noticeable and dramatic geographical shift. As the textual landscape of Shakespeare’s drama changes, it takes on new forms and now points to new horizons, namely the East and the Orient, and more particularly the Levant. From the blasted heaths of England, Shakespeare moves to the most arid and yet fertile soils of the Levant. The aim of the conference, in this emergent field, is to reconsider Shakespeare’s diffusion from both Pre and Postcolonial Middle Eastern perspectives and to examine Shakespeare’s critical relevance to understanding religion and politics on both a local scale (in the Middle East/the Orient) and globally.

You can check out the full program by clicking here.


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