The Gap of Understanding


Hello stranger. I’ve known you before, but now I cannot tell what drives you.

Similarly structured sentences as the one above were drawn on the page like medieval capitalizations of beginnings, but they were just continuations of an unrelated and unsuccessful ranting of one truth which he could not write.

When they crashed into each other, a tyrannical grasp held them. They tripped and plunged in a cultured pool of uncertainty. And ever since, their bond took the form of a question which was never to be answered directly, or answered at all for that matter. Their bond was a manifestation of uncertainty.

Hello stranger. Have we met before? Have you ever driven me beyond sanity?

They danced in a vicious circle, desperately trying to find an answer to their question. Communication was futile for each had a different mode of interpretation, and when such a case is present, lies are born out of an-other’s answer. Cold silence didn’t work either. What had happened?

Hello stranger. Please! I’ve seen you here before; I’ve talked to you before; I’ve touched you and kissed you and violated you. Please! I’ve danced with you and made love to you. Please! Don’t go away!

She freed herself from the tyrannical grasp which joined them so tightly to each other. She distanced herself, and at a certain distance her eyes saw him clearly. She saw what was and what could have been. She was at a distance; he was looking at her, she was looking at him and their gaze met in a virtual horizon, construing virtual meaning in the gap between them: the gap of understanding which is contingent on the distance between them; the gap of understanding which cannot be formed by one of them alone.

Hello stranger. Please! Stay where you are so that i don’t think I know you. Stay where you are so that I resist defining you. Hello stranger. Please don’t come closer so that I can accept you as an end, and not use you as a means.



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