Climatic Apocalypse


Would you like to see yourself bald? Unable to look at the sky without feeling the drifting dry winds of heat peel your eye, layer after layer until you go blind. Do you want to die before you reach the age of 30?

Let me just remind you. Your wealth will not matter anymore: your luxury watch nor your fancy car nor your million-dollar home nor your deluxe yacht; neither will your poverty: your poor personality nor your impoverished morals nor your decaying thoughts.

The only thing that will matter now and today is your voice. The only thing that will echo tomorrow is your voice. The only thing that will preserve your existence is your voice sounding harmoniously with ours.

So think about it again. Would you like to have kidney problems because of poor water intake? Do you want to have a frail body, full of sores because of ultraviolet rays? Do you want to have the visage of a seasoned and weathered person when you’re a mere teenager?

Do you want to be responsible? It’s either with or without. Annihilation or Survival. Speak out now and do not let any faltering step impede you.

Join us for the sake of humanity and the sake of the earth.

Visit and see what you can do to help.

October 24th is the international day of action against climate change. Pitch in. We all count. Every voice crying and screaming for survival. Let us mitigate the effects of climate change before it’s too late.

Let us delay our Apocalypse.


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