Hello Beirut, Hello World!


…And here I am. After impeding hesitancy, I have finally overcome whatever was hindering the creation of this blog.

A dear friend once gave me a notebook and told me to give my thoughts free rein on its pages. I did for a long time and now the time has come to come out of this shell and give a further, slightly more public rein to my thoughts.

It is a bit ironic, maybe also metaphorical on fate’s side, that tonight it rained in Beirut after a long agonizingly hot summer. Every household closed its curtains and sheltered their rooms and balconies from the rain; the rain gutters on the roof that connect to the sewer system of the building made the sewage gutters in the bathroom rumble like tin cans in celebration and welcome of the intense rain.

Hello Beirut. Hello World. Here I come with the rain. Do not close your curtains because I have already stained your household with my unfaltering ink.

I hope I disturb you so I can wake you.

Prepare to be enlightened.

God is in my reins.


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